interior spaces


The visitors' information counter, faculty offices, student records, and first aid stations need to have a high degree of security while maintaining a "sense of accessibility" to students. Administration areas should be adjacent to main entry areas and be visibly accessible through windows to provide a connection between administrators and students or visitors.

Faculty offices and student records should be separated from reception area, accessible through locked hall doors. Student records shall be stored in a fire resistant vault within a locked room.

Key boxes shall be located in a locked cabinet that contains school floor plans, evacuation maps, and computer passwords. This cabinet should be made accessible to police and fire department personnel. Distribution of master keys should be strictly regulated by plant administrators.

Clinic rooms should keep supplies and surgical equipment locked in a storage closet located in the nurse's office.

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Prepared by: The Florida Center for Community Design + Research
For: The Florida Department of Education
date: July 28, 1993