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Florida Community Indicator Index

Program Area: Research
July, 2001 through March, 2002
University Community Initiative
Recognizing a need for accurate information when addressing community concerns and policy issues, several local governments across the U.S. have developed indicator or benchmark studies to provide them with a source of pertinent information. The Florida Center received funding for this first stage of a project that will develop a protocol for creating a community index at the neighborhood scale that is firmly rooted in participation from the public, local government representatives, and university faculty. A community index can be a powerful tool to help communities better understand their assets and problem areas. It can be used to assist community groups, non-profits, and government agencies build on local strengths and address concerns. The Florida Center is leading this project to develop a community index because of its commitment to providing information to citizens, its familiarity with the Tampa Bay area, and its access to data for Hillsborough County. The first phase of this project will take place in the Tampa Bay area and serve as a launch pad for further work to create a statewide community index. As envisioned, the community would provide information at the neighborhood scale related to the health and vitality of each neighborhood.

Project Results: